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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed 03/12/19 06:30pmTennis TimeDare DoublesBrainerd--12
bye 03/12/19 byeNorth ChattByeBye----
Confirmed 03/19/19 06:30pmNorth ChattTennis TimeGPS--12
bye 03/19/19 byeDare DoublesByeBye----
Confirmed 03/26/19 06:30pmDare DoublesNorth ChattRivermont--21
bye 03/26/19 byeTennis TimeByeBye----
Confirmed 04/02/19 06:30pmDare DoublesTennis TimeRivermont--21
bye 04/02/19 byeNorth ChattByeBye----
Confirmed 04/09/19 06:30pmNorth ChattTennis TimeGPS--03
bye 04/09/19 byeDare DoublesByeBye----
Confirmed 04/16/19 06:30pmDare DoublesNorth ChattRivermont--00
bye 04/16/19 byeTennis TimeByeBye----
Confirmed 04/23/19 06:30pmDare DoublesTennis TimeRivermont--30
bye 04/23/19 byeNorth ChattByeBye----
Confirmed 04/30/19 06:30pmTennis TimeNorth ChattBrainerd--12
bye 04/30/19 byeDare DoublesByeBye----
Confirmed 05/07/19 06:30pmNorth ChattDare DoublesGPS--21
bye 05/07/19 byeTennis TimeByeBye----
Confirmed 05/14/19 06:30pmTennis TimeDare DoublesBrainerd--21
bye 05/14/19 byeNorth ChattByeBye----
Total Matches: 10
Byes: 10

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