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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed 09/14/21 9:30amSupreme CourtNet EffectBrainerd--31
Confirmed 09/14/21 9:30amSmokin' HotDouble The FunMcCallie--31
Confirmed 09/14/21 9:30amManker PattenLove HurtsManker Pat--2(5,29)2(5,38)
bye 09/14/21 byeGame ChangersByeBye----
Confirmed 09/21/21 9:30amNet EffectDouble The FunManker Pat--2(5,43)2(4,27)
Confirmed 09/21/21 9:30amSmokin' HotGame ChangersMcCallie--2(5,33)2(5,37)
Confirmed 09/21/21 9:30amSupreme CourtLove HurtsBrainerd--00
bye 09/21/21 byeManker PattenByeBye----
Confirmed 09/28/21 9:30amSupreme CourtManker PattenBrainerd--31
Confirmed 09/28/21 9:30amDouble The FunLove HurtsBaylor--2(5,42)2(4,44)
Entered 09/28/21 9:30amGame ChangersNet EffectGPS--13
bye 09/28/21 byeSmokin' HotByeBye----
Confirmed 10/05/21 9:30amNet EffectSmokin' HotManker Pat--13
Confirmed 10/05/21 9:30amDouble The FunManker PattenBaylor--00
Confirmed 10/05/21 9:30amLove HurtsGame ChangersChampions--00
bye 10/05/21 byeSupreme CourtByeBye----
Confirmed 10/12/21 9:30amManker PattenGame ChangersManker Pat--40
Confirmed 10/12/21 9:30amLove HurtsSmokin' HotChampions--40
Confirmed 10/12/21 9:30amDouble The FunSupreme CourtBaylor--13
bye 10/12/21 byeNet EffectByeBye----
Confirmed 10/19/21 9:30amManker PattenSmokin' HotManker Pat--2(4,32)2(5,43)
Confirmed 10/19/21 9:30amLove HurtsNet EffectChampions--13
Confirmed 10/19/21 9:30amGame ChangersSupreme CourtGPS--04
bye 10/19/21 byeDouble The FunByeBye----
Confirmed 10/26/21 9:30amManker PattenNet EffectManker Pat--13
Confirmed 10/26/21 9:30amSmokin' HotSupreme CourtMcCallie--13
Confirmed 10/26/21 9:30amGame ChangersDouble The FunGPS--04
bye 10/26/21 byeLove HurtsByeBye----
Confirmed 11/02/21 9:30amLove HurtsManker PattenChampions--31
Entered 11/02/21 9:30amNet EffectSupreme CourtManker Pat--2(5,42)2(4,35)
Confirmed 11/02/21 9:30amDouble The FunSmokin' HotBaylor--2(5,41)2(5,42)
bye 11/02/21 byeGame ChangersByeBye----
Total Matches: 24
Byes: 8

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